Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Comment on Floyds "Thoughts on JAOO and various interesting things I heard"

Floyd Marinescu's Thoughts on JAOO and various interesting things I heard was an interesting quick read...his prediction about "in the next 5 years we are going to see investments in core open source infrastructure on a national scale from countries like Brasil, and eventually China and India" certainly is an exciting idea.. I wonder about the timescale though In my view of the world, OSS is a precursor to a much larger social phenomena that I believe will unfold... in the "medium to longer term".

Argh, missed JAOO although I was hoping I could make that conference this year... - was on holidays, between changing jobs! Anybody knows where to find/how to get Slides, Transcripts of it? I am just too dumb or do they really not make it available?

PS: Help, I'm all new to Blogosphere... is this way of commenting in one's own blog about another post the way to go? Put the URL of the blog in the Link field in Blogger and start writing? Or do I have to "talkback" somehow - how? Hm.


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