Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I gave Outfoxed a try the last few days ... its quite interesting, probably the early incarnation of a new class of functionality that we'll find self evident and built-into our future applications (and OS?) some day in a maybe not too distant future - it certainly makes a lot of sense, and is a logical next step, to map real-world interpersonal relationship into our today still crude digital world. (See also this article; more general, but in my mind related in this context.)

Having said that, once understood and played with Outfoxed, I found it of limited practical everday use to myself as of right now... just uninstalled it again. Maybe its community is also still too small. I'll probably revisit when the version numbers have gone up a bit and there are more users... By the way, I found Stan's Comparison to Existing Systems quite useful... I do regularly use now three of the systems mentioned on that page!

PS : If you want to try out Outfoxed, make sure you go to its download page using a release version of Mozilla Firefox (currently, 1.07 Stable) - I had some trouble/confusion most probably cauz I visited the site with Firefox v1.5beta2.


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