Tuesday, October 25, 2005

i7: Outfoxed follow-up - is it "relevance" not "trust" ?

Actually... in my mind a somewhat related topic to Outfoxed & Co. is one "ranking", but more in the context "information relevance" than this "trust" business... I am hoping to spend some time on looking into if there is a good RSS Reader that helps decide which posts (not just which feeds) I may be interested in reading...

This article What's Wrong With: Feed Readers has some similar thoughts that I share. I'll post some extensions and further thoughts separately another time - but essentially: Is there such stuff?

I looked around a bit tonight, gave Findory a try - somehow not convinced; particularly unhappy that I can't make stuff "hide", like "done, not this, go away". Am now using RSSOwl with its integration with AmphetaRate ... probably need to train it further; would prefer it to rank My Aggregated Favorites though, not suggest new ones from additional feed. Using RSSOwl Rating I also realized that I spend too many seconds on "uh, 1 or 2, 4 or 5" - maybe a simpler binary "thumbs up, thumbs down" (like in Temboz [not tried, looks too alpha]) works better?

Then found NewsMonster and BlogBridge, both of which look promising... update to follow after some expierence using them!

PS: In my mind, some of the "ranking" idea itself have nothing to do with RSS as a format... I have been wondering how useful data for ranking, prioritization and personalization could be similarly "mined" from e.g. My Documents kind of files on my desktop, through general watching my surfing practices (outside of Personal Search - just what I click on, how much time I stay on pages, etc.) as well as maybe all what emails I get/write.


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