Friday, November 04, 2005

Using FeedBurner

I switched to using FeedBurner. Still have to work on integration and visual...

Various: Solarmetric/BEA, Bayesian-based RSS Aggregators & Commentator

Just briefly various three notes of the last few days:
  • I am still searching for a good RSS aggregator, see my article from last week (Outfoxed) ... and very surprised there doesn't seem to be any Real Good Stuff - there is an opportunity here! What I'm looking for is a desktop reader that works well offline (ideally including pre-loading and a Read-Later list for when I'm online again), supports for reading lot's of feeds ("newspaper" stuff, "aggregate" view - not just good ol' three-pane email reader ideas), and ideally has some funky yet really useful Technorati inlinks count relevance ranking, Bayesian training (is it that hard to stuff a Bayesian thing into an RSS reader?), integration (both ways: I tag things outside of the RSS reader so that's what I'm interested, show my articles like that; and I could tag articles in the reader that are particularly interesting). So far I am using BlogBridge, not nirvana... OK, I guess. Read some of my BlogBridge feedback and ideas. There are some web-based ones in interesting directions, like Rojo, but I do need an offline capable thingie as I'd like to be able to read while traveling.

  • Solarmetric got acquired by BEA! Kudos to all of them: Patrick, Neelan, Greg, Brian, Abe, Marc - certainly well deserved. (I have been working with Solarmetric Kodo from since when it was still TechTrader Kodo. Always very happy with it, and truly excellent tech. support by these guys.)

  • Commentator from cenqua is worth a look if you have a second and want a good laugh...

Sunday, October 30, 2005

How to redirect and tee both stdout and stderr

Uh yeah... how did that work again, to run a UNIX command that shows both its STDOUT and STDERR on the console as usual, as progress report,yet writes both into separate files as well? Like this:

(rsync [...] | tee stdout.txt) 3>&1 1>&2 2>&3 | tee stderr.txt

Puh! (Thanks to this article for pointing me in the right direction.)