Friday, August 25, 2006

XFire Example: Contract First & Spring

From: Michael Vorburger
Subject: Proposed new XFire example: Use of wsgen/xfire (contract first), and Spring


The XFire distribution includes only one simple example of a "contract first" design (write WSDL/XSD and generate Java from it), the 'geoip-client'. There is also a simple 'spring' example in the current distribution.

I put together another, more complete such example, which runs wsgen with the JAXWSProfile. In addition, my example also ties the former together with Spring, showing both the XFireExporter as well as the XFireClientFactoryBean (which the 'spring' example does not).

ZIP is on


PS: If the ZIP does not work for you, you might have to follow the instructions that mvn prints, to locally install the the modules/xfire-jaxws-1.2-RC.jar found in the xfire-1.2-RC distribution, as that does not appear to be on the Codehaus repository today.